Who We Are


Evelyn Hamdon

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Evelyn is a PhD student and Killam Scholar in the department of Educational Policy Studies at the University of Alberta. Her research focus is on representations of Arab and Muslim women in popular culture.

Evelyn has recently obtained a Master of Education degree in Educational Policy Studies with a specialization in Adult and Higher Education. Her thesis explored how racialized groups negotiate their complex identities and identity differences within solidarity and activist spaces. More broadly, Evelyn is interested in how to support the deconstruction of identity binaries in order to heal these splits and to foster mutual understanding and equity.

Zenobia Jamal

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Zenobia has a special interest and expertise in issues of difference, diversity, equity and inclusion in workplaces and learning environments. She has many years of experience teaching, facilitating, developing work and learning spaces in which both policies and practices reflect a commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity.


Aliya Jamal

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Aliya has been involved through the years in facilitation, social service provision, youth and adult education, research, equity, organizational development, as well as feminist, queer and anti-racist activism. She has worked with organizations like the Edmonton Multicultural Coalition, Next Up Edmonton, Alberta Urban Municipalities Association and ASSIST Community Services Centre.

Other current adventures include creating new works of theatre with groups of women artists and exploring the relationships between dance and politics through community education. Aliya has a BSc from the University of Alberta with a minor in Women’s Studies.