Our Approach

Contemporary workplaces are extremely complex. As a society we have not yet acquired the knowledge or developed the skills to maximize the creative potential reflected in this complexity. Zenev and Associates focuses on raising awareness about the factors that shape our workplace values and behaviours, and leverages that awareness towards change.

Our approach is based on the belief that creating respectful and safe working environments is a long term process. Experience has shown that a great deal of conflict arises out of the complex intersection of differing values and beliefs and the unexamined attitudes towards difference that are present in contemporary work environments. These differing values and beliefs can often lead to miscommunication, disrespect and/or inappropriate behaviours which can lead to small and large conflicts.

Differences may be related to socio-cultural factors (where a person grew up, what their experiences were, their education and so forth) or their identity (gender, age, sexual orientation, culture, religion, race, ability) or it may be a combination of the two. These factors lead a person to develop a particular world view which then shapes his or her behaviours.

When people have an opportunity to explore these complex relationships and views within a safe learning environment, they are able to broaden their perspective and apply this theoretical knowledge to workplace challenges both in the classroom and in the workplace itself.