Education and Training

As leading innovators in the design and delivery of curriculum, Zenev and Associates brings extensive knowledge and skills in adult education, facilitation, and organizational dynamics. We have developed and extensively tested a suite of educational programs for community-based, public and private sector organizations – from front line staff to senior management.

Our workshops are highly engaging and interactive, building awareness, knowledge and skills. We focus on creating a safe atmosphere in which participants can engage in personal reflection, open discussion, and a range of experiential activities.

Contact us to find out how we can tailor the length and content of our programs to best fit your organization’s needs.


(Re)Doing Difference:  A New Approach to Equity and Inclusion

In this workshop participants learn how to use a diversity lens to explore how identity and difference affect social location in the workplace. Through interactive exercises participants develop the analytic and interpersonal skills necessary to deal with difference and diversity in their working environment.

(Re)Doing Communication

Participants learn how the application of a diversity lens will help them communicate effectively and equitably across difference.

Working with Difference in the Post-Secondary Classroom

This full day workshop engages participants by exploring how principles of anti-oppression education can be incorporated into the post-secondary classroom. Discussions will include how to understand and respond to resistance to anti-oppressive curricula and pedagogy.

Taking the Lead on Diversity

This workshop is specifically designed to help members of your organization’s leadership team implement respectful workplace/diversity and inclusion strategies.

(Re)Doing Difference While Caring for Self

We recognize that engaging in organizational change that focuses on diversity and inclusion can be difficult work. This workshop teaches participants how to care for themselves while doing equity work.

Respectful Workplace Policy

By becoming aware of key components, this workshop will help you to gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to create and maintain a respectful working environment. Learn how to recognize and address workplace discrimination and how to implement strategies to pro-actively prevent harassment and discrimination.

Unconscious Bias in HR Practices

This workshop will be of particular interest to human resource specialists or those involved in recruitment and retention. The focus is on the effects of unconscious bias in HR and how to reduce these effects.

Supporting Newcomers in the Workplace

This workshop provides participants with an understanding of the different categories under which immigrants enter Canada. Learn ways in which newcomers can be welcomed and provided with ongoing support in the workplace.

Collaborative Planning, Policy and Program Development

Collaborative approaches can lead to the development of strong plans, policies and programs and help facilitate smooth implementation of change. This workshop introduces the fundamentals of collaboration.

Create An Effective Community Engagement Strategy

Businesses, organizations and community groups can enhance their work through collaboration and consultation with communities. This workshop will build participants’ understanding of different approaches to engaging diverse communities and help them begin to design an effective community engagement strategy.